Sophomore year is an important time to start your college selection process.

The discussion continues in 10th grade with three sessions (or begins for some students, in which case we would start what is typically done in freshman year) with a review of 9th grade accomplishments and goal setting for 10th grade. Academics and extracurricular activities remain in the forefront of our work and advice is given on 11th grade course selection. We begin to consider standardized testing and end the year with the creation of an SAT/ACT exam preparation and testing calendar for 11th grade.

For many students the summer before 11th grade is the first time that they consider participating in a pre-college program, summer internship, or work experience, and I can be a resource for brainstorming ideas and suggesting different opportunities.

  • I was terrified when it came to writing my college essay because I did not feel confident that I could write a personal statement that would convey my ideas and thoughts. With Anne’s guidance, it not only contains everything I wanted to say but shows my true personality as well. Thank you, Anne! — Student, Muhlenberg College

  • Anne, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Working with you over the past several years to guide us through the college application process has been extremely helpful. From our first meeting in which you convinced us to ‘relax and take it easy as we started this journey’ to the final decisions that we made, you have been a pleasure to work with and a valuable resource! As we began the process of determining which school would be the perfect fit for our kids you set reasonable goals and managed our expectations. More importantly, you focused on what was the most appropriate school from the student’s perspective. We appreciated your helping to establish a reasonable timeline with specific milestones and were a great sounding board as we considered different options. We also appreciate the collaborative nature of our discussions and the very specific strategies you provided, including the best approach for getting recommendations, interaction with the schools we were considering, whether or not to apply Early Decision and of course which schools to apply to. In the end, everything worked out better than expected, just as you said it would! Thank you again. — Parent, Hewlett NY