You’re finally a senior. Applications are due, interviews are scheduled. I am here to guide you through the final stages of the process.

Our work this year begins in the summer. It is my goal to help my clients complete their applications by Thanksgiving so it is beneficial to start working together before school starts. Often, the first thing we tackle is the college essay. Brainstorming and editing sessions are scheduled and I help students transform their ideas into a well-written essay which sheds light on their personality, interests, and goals. Hands-on assistance with the completion and submission of applications and student interview preparation when needed, is another central part of the help I offer.

Once the decisions are received, I provide assistance with responding to deferral and waitlist decisions as well as counseling on how to decide which college to attend to achieve the best possible fit between the student and the college.

  • When I learned that I had been accepted early decision to NYU Tisch School of the Arts the first person I called was Anne. She not only walked me through every step of the college process, but genuinely took interest in my wants and needs. Anne helped me with everything from creating my list of schools to polishing my final essays for the Common Application. Anne helped me package all of my academics, extracurriculars and good qualities into one neat package while giving me advice I could not have gotten anywhere else, and I cannot thank her enough. — Student, New York University Tisch School of the Arts

  • Many thanks to Anne Gould! My daughter was accepted to her first choice, NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Anne was an invaluable asset to our college application process. She guided my daughter through writing her college essays, completing the common application, providing advice and instilling confidence. Anne's 25+ years of experience as a college advisor has given her great insight into what schools are looking for in applicants. Her calm, organized, thorough and thoughtful demeanor made the process manageable. Anne's ability to use FaceTime and Google Docs to work remotely with my daughter was efficient and effective, and provided a great alternative for our busy family. — Parent, Roslyn, NY

  • With her calm and quiet demeanor, Anne relaxed all of us during the entire process. From helping to make a college list, to recommending senior classes, to the all important essay, Anne was there every step of the way. Even more than all those things, however, was when my daughter was denied ED from her first choice, Anne's experience, knowledge, and contacts enabled her to apply ED to her second choice. She was accepted within days and is even happier with this choice. Anne is amazing! — Parent, Hewlett, NY

  • Not only has Mrs. Gould been an integral part of my high school career, but also an
    even bigger part with helping me throughout the college application process. She takes
    into consideration that every student is different and caters to that specific student’s
    academics, personality, and even interests to find the colleges that best suit them. For
    example, my older brother and I are two completely different people, and yet Mrs. Gould
    was able to help us both discover and successfully get into our dream schools. There is
    absolutely no denying her incredible expertise and knowledge with the college application process, and my family and I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and dedication. — Student, New York University