Junior year can be overwhelming for the college-bound student. I’m here to guide you through the steps of applying to college.

Many students consider 11th grade the most stressful year of high school. My job is to make it manageable. Typically, the diagnostic PSAT or Pre-ACT is taken in the fall and the results help us to fine-tune the SAT/ACT exam preparation and testing calendar. By the middle of the year, students receive from me an honest and comprehensive evaluation of their transcript along with course recommendations for senior year. We will consider athletic, artistic, musical, and/or other special talents and the role they play in the process. I will assist in determining which teachers to ask for recommendations and collaborate with the student and family on the development of an appropriate list of schools to research. Advice will be given on how best to spend the summer —something interesting and productive along with rest and relaxation.

  • Learning to navigate the college application process takes time and patience. There is also an emotional toll on anyone going through it, whether it be a student or parent. As a parent going through it for the first time, I found Anne Gould to be an invaluable resource during this stressful time. Not only did she have a calming influence on myself and my daughter, her strategies for applications proved to be extremely useful. From helping to choose the proper course load junior and senior year, to making sure every ``T `` was crossed on the applications, Anne was available to us every step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure the applications were perfect. Her vast knowledge of schools, and what they are looking for really helped my daughter choose appropriate schools to apply to. Anne' s professionalism and attention to detail were evident, and she played a pivotal role in my daughter's early decision acceptance to Emory University. We are thankful we had her by our side. — Parent, Woodmere, NY

  • Anne Gould helped me get into my top choice college by giving me excellent advice regarding classes I should be taking my senior year, reviewing my essays, making sure there were no mistakes on my application, and helping me stay organized in an overwhelming process. Anne Gould always went the extra mile for me and kept me on a schedule that ensured I would complete all of my applications in a timely fashion. She kept my stress to a minimum because I knew that she would not let me fall behind. I could not be more thrilled with where I ended up and could not imagine going through this process without her. — Student, Emory University