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The college decision making and application process can be an exciting and challenging one for many families. With over 25 years experience, Anne Gould is skilled in providing guidance that will reduce the stress, keep you organized, and ultimately help you find an appropriate academic and social fit.

Why hire a College Advisor?


Phase One of the college process involves reflection, in order to understand which college will be the best fit academically, socially, financially, geographically, and personally. Questions to be answered might include “What am I interested in studying?” “How far from home do I want to go?” “Do I want to be in an urban, suburban, or rural environment?”

College Exploration

Phase Two includes the creating the list of appropriate colleges to research and to ultimately apply. Through ongoing discussions, we will identify the right schools to research and investigate. This will include my college information workshops, college fairs, and your high school’s information programs.

Application Assistance

Phase Three includes hands-on help filling out applications, essay writing, and interview preparation. I will give feedback on your essays, help you to maintain an organized approach to meeting all deadlines, and provide ongoing assistance to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Decisions & Decision Making

In Phase Four of the process, I will be of support when the admission decisions are received. For students who might initially be deferred or offered a spot on the waitlist, I will advise on what this means and help to strategize the next steps. Once you have all of your admissions decisions, I will provide guidance in deciding which school to attend.

[orbit_testimonial_2][orbit_testimonial_2_slide testimonial_bg_color=”#ffffff” testimonial_text=”Many thanks to Anne Gould! My daughter was accepted to her first choice, NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Anne was an invaluable asset to our college application process. She guided my daughter through writing her college essays, completing the common application, providing advice and instilling confidence. Anne’s 25+ years of experience as a college advisor has given her great insight into what schools are looking for in applicants. Her calm, organized, thorough and thoughtful demeanor made the process manageable. Anne’s ability to use FaceTime and Google Docs to work remotely with my daughter was efficient and effective, and provided a great alternative for our busy family. – Parent, Roslyn, NY”][orbit_testimonial_2_slide testimonial_bg_color=”#ffffff” testimonial_text=”Learning to navigate the college application process takes time and patience. There is also an emotional toll on anyone going through it, whether it be a student or parent. As a parent going through it for the first time, I found Anne Gould to be an invaluable resource during this stressful time. Not only did she have a calming influence on myself and my daughter, her strategies for applications proved to be extremely useful. From helping to choose the proper course load junior and senior year, to making sure every “T“ was crossed on the applications, Anne was available to us every step of the way and went above and beyond to make sure the applications were perfect. Her vast knowledge of schools and what they are looking for really helped my daughter choose appropriate schools to apply to. Anne’s professionalism and attention to detail were evident and she played a pivotal role in my daughter’s early decision acceptance to Emory University. We are thankful we had her by our side. — Parent, Woodmere, NY”][orbit_testimonial_2_slide testimonial_bg_color=”#ffffff” testimonial_text=”With her calm and quiet demeanor, Anne relaxed all of us during the entire process. From helping to make a college list, to recommending senior classes, to the all important essay, Anne was there every step of the way. Even more than all those things, however, was when my daughter was denied ED from her first choice, Anne’s experience, knowlege, and contacts enabled her to apply ED to her second choice. She was accepted within days and is even happier with this choice. Anne is amazing! — Parent, Hewlett, NY”][orbit_testimonial_2_slide testimonial_bg_color=”#ffffff” testimonial_text=”When I was going into this process I knew that I needed someone experienced and passionate by my side not only to ease my stress but also to advise me at every step. Ms. Gould truly had all the answers to my questions and she went above and beyond to make sure that my family and I were always well informed about all of our options. From my first session with Ms. Gould, I knew she would change my life. It was a little startling when she suggested I not apply early decision. However, applying regular to all my schools was the best idea and I am eternally thankful to Ms. Gould because I was able to make my choice about which to school to attend while taking into consideration a wide variety of factors. Further, she was especially helpful in editing my personal essay and supplements with little hints and suggestions that I felt made huge improvements to my work. Her contacts and personalized approach were the reasons for my success with this process. I will be attending Cornell University in the fall and thanks to Ms. Gould, both my parents and I, could not be happier. – Student, Cornell University”][/orbit_testimonial_2]

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